Established in 1993 with diverse backgrounds in Chemical Engineering, environmental law, construction, and industrial and nuclear operations, Eco Compliance is a small business enterprise providing expertise in environmental compliance issues, and the investigation, characterization, restoration and re-development of suspect and contaminated properties.

With  more than  30  years  of  combined hands-on  laboratory  and  field expertise,   our   staff   of   scientists,  planners    and   consultants   have provided    aggressive,   integrated   and    cost-effective   environmental services to a diverse client base, including:

Oil refineries.

City and state agencies.

Sand & gravel and concrete batch plants.

Port authorities.

Timber industries.

Indian Nations.

Pulp and paper industries.

Law firms and estate trusts.

Landfills and waste transport companies.


Electronics & composite manufacturers.

Heavy- & light-equipment manufacturers.

Real estate groups.

Insurance agencies.

Automobile companies.

Airplane component manufacturers.

Developers & land management groups.

Farmers and food processors.

Medical equipment manufacturers.

Schools and churches.

Since 1993, our clients have repeatedly relied on us as the go-to company for fast, reliable and thorough  environmental  services.

Eco Compliance.


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