Eco Compliance Corporation


Eco Compliance has conducted hundreds of indoor air quality investigations of occupied and non-occupied buildings, including responses to tenant complaints of “sick building syndrome”.  We have collected and evaluated air samples for fungal and non-fungal particulate matter, recommended improvements to facility HVAC systems, investigated water intrusion patterns resulting in the discovery of building design and construction flaws, provided scopes of work for abatement of finish materials impacted by mold growth, and established proper hygiene guidelines to protect workers and the public from indoor air quality contaminants.

In the southeastern United States, we lead crews during the cleanup and restoration of 300 single-family homes infested with mold growth due to water damage from Hurricane Ivan.  We identified building materials to be salvaged, specified cleaning products and remediation procedures, and conducted air monitoring to evaluate the success of the remediation efforts and determine whether the homes could be safely re-occupied.  As part of a long-term commitment to ensure a healthy home environment, we later trained local maintenance staff on how to perform building inspections for mold growth, conduct air quality testing, and interpret and respond to test results.

Eco Compliance has conducted sampling of numerous gas extraction wells and gas treatment systems at municipal solid waste landfills.  We have evaluated and monitored compliance of landfill gas emissions with permit requirements, tracked the useful life of treatment system components, and compared lab data with field monitoring results to assess the accuracy of field equipment and minimize worker and public exposure.  We have also identified air and water/condensate intrusion problems into methane gas extraction and treatment systems, and designed and constructed field-proven and reliable solutions.