Eco Compliance Corporation


For the Rocky Flats nuclear facility in Colorado, our staff implemented step-wise approaches to efficiently structure the plant’s waste operations, and provide a traceable and credible pathway to support their waste management practices.  Over the course of several years, we were involved with various waste management activities including waste segregation, minimization, grouting and non-destructive testing.  We developed and implemented an audit program to audit all hazardous, radioactive and mixed waste generated onsite, verified compliance of these packaged waste streams for offsite shipment and disposal at INEL (Idaho) and NTS (Nevada), and evaluated various containment modules for the transport of high-level radioactive waste to WIPP (New Mexico).

Our staff provided engineering and scientific expertise related to the Washington State Department of Ecology's oversight of the operation, cleanup, closure and restoration of the Hanford nuclear site.  For several years, our staff identified and resolved technical issues with DOE and their contractors within many areas of the site including the single- and double-shell tank farms, 100-area operable units and liquid waste ponds.  We also evaluated design documents and permit applications for the proposed low-level waste burial grounds, and sampling and analysis plans related to soil and groundwater background determinations.

Eco Compliance also provided engineering and scientific expertise to the Yakama Indian Nation to support their objectives and goals for the environmental cleanup, restoration and current and future beneficial use of land and resources in and surrounding Hanford.  We evaluated the applicability and viability of proposed technologies for cleanup of hazardous, radioactive and mixed wastes at the site, and provided expertise in the area of systems engineering to assure effective and efficient use of available resources for expedited site cleanup.

Over concerns from the community and regulatory agencies of radioactive materials potentially being sent to a regional solid waste landfill, Eco Compliance designed and constructed a radiation monitoring system to scan incoming waste loads from various residential, commercial, industrial and government sources prior to disposal.  Once constructed, we calibrated the system, and conducted routine inspections and tests to ensure proper performance.  We also provided operational and maintenance training and documentation, and responded to alarms triggered by incoming waste loads.