Eco Compliance Corporation


Phase 1 environmental site assessments (ESAs) are like puzzles.  Pieces of information including current use of the property, previous use, historic information, regulatory records and aerial photographs are pulled together and evaluated to give an assessment of the current environmental condition of the site.  

Eco Compliance has conducted hundreds of Phase 1 ESAs involving residential, commercial and industrial sites, as well as historically-significant properties and 1,000-plus-acre tracts of forest land and waterfront.  With decades of field experience and scopes of work tailored to fit our client’s needs, our reports are comprehensive and easy to understand, with executive summaries that list the known and potential concerns.  

Some typical findings from our Phase 1 ESAs include underground fuel oil tanks, wetland areas and other property-use restrictions.  Some of our more unusual or unexpected findings include a former fireworks factory, a former onsite landfill, underground river channel, buried drums and meth labs.

“…the subject site was used by the Navy as a dump site in the 1940's – 1950's…

“…debris and chemicals from [a drug lab] were dumped along the hillside on the south end of the subject property…”