Eco Compliance Corporation


Eco Compliance has provided diverse planning, permitting and environmental compliance audit services to a wide-range of public and private clients, including grant applications to recover costs associated with cleanup of contaminated sites, and costs to renovate facilities to help reduce pollution and minimize waste generation.  

We have strategized and prepared plans to minimize the generation of solid waste from manufacturing facilities, reduce and eliminate stormwater and wastewater discharges from industrial sites, minimize and prevent stormwater pollution (SWPP plans) at construction sites and commercial and industrial properties, and minimize, prevent and respond to spills (SPCC plans) at various facilities including airports, landfills and oil refineries.

For Superfund sites, we have prepared Cleanup Action Plans documenting contaminant migration pathways and potential risks, remedial actions evaluated and selected, closure measures implemented, and results from ongoing performance and compliance monitoring.  We have also prepared Agreed Orders and Interim Remedial Action Work Plans detailing the procedures and activities for site cleanup, including establishment of cleanup goals and points of compliance.

Eco Compliance has conducted audits of various facilities including manufacturing plants, hazardous waste generator operations, and petroleum distribution and storage sites.  Based on scopes of work tailored to each client’s needs and goals, our audits focus on the compliance of facility operations and records with federal and state environmental regulations.  For various clients, we have also provided training and prepared checklists that enable them to conduct re-audits of their activities.