Eco Compliance Corporation


Eco Compliance has conducted focused and broad-ranging sampling projects to characterize the environmental condition of numerous residential, commercial and industrial buildings and properties, including Superfund sites, historic buildings, critical areas such as wetlands, streams and shorelines, and sensitive structures including hospitals, fire stations, airport facilities and ships.

Using information from Phase 1 environmental site assessments, previous environmental reports and ground-penetrating radar studies, as well as an extensive knowledge of building construction, geology and hydrogeology, our sampling efforts are able to target areas of the site that are most likely to contain contamination.  This research and expertise also allows us to specify analytical needs to minimize overall project costs.


Our staff utilize hand and portable equipment, backhoes and drill rigs to collect samples of soil, surface water, sediment, groundwater and air for analysis for organic and inorganic contaminants, as well as building materials for analysis for asbestos and lead.  

Based   on  sampling   results,  we 

have  provided  bid  specifications, directed     cleanup    crews     and coordinated     the     cleanup     of contaminated        properties      in accordance   with  the  needs  and goals   of   our   clients,  regulatory requirements   and   risks   to    the community.